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More and more people are moving to live in the cities, so the urban environment needs smart and efficient parking management technology. That is what makes parking solutions an essential part of our everyday life.

It is really important for the parking process to be a pleasure instead of an inconvenience. Unfortunately, the parking management situation in many cities is not satisfying at all.

We, at Parking Telecom, understand that and we aim to improve that experience and the city environment. In this article you will learn more about our company, our solutions and the benefits our parking management technology provides. So, do not miss to read it:


More about Parking Telecom as a company

Parking Telecom is a team of professional parking technology engineers with solid knowledge and experience. We have a strong background in the field of smart mobility and smart parking management technology and innovations, IoT and cloud technology.

We believe that smart urban mobility and smart parking are an important part of our future. That is why our mission is to provide better parking experience for all participants in the parking process. This includes parking users, parking facility owners and managers and the whole city infrastructure and community. We complete that mission as we develop smart parking solutions, make the parking process easier and more efficient for everyone and reduce the overall carbon footprint in the process.

Our field of work is dynamic and needs constant improvements. In addition, we are following innovations in parking management technology. We know that each parking facility has different needs, so we offer a custom parking solution for your car park that meets those needs. That is what makes us your parking technology partner!


What parking management technology we offer?

We are proud to say that we offer a complete parking management solution. It includes all parking participants as parking users and parking operators and the surrounding city environment as infrastructure and community. Our smart parking management technology brings them all together in an innovative cloud-based platform.

That way, we give parking owners and managers the ability to enjoy a more effective parking management system as well as improve the customer parking experience. Our complex parking system includes real-time information about parking occupancy and availability, registration, account management, payment, analytics, forecasts and many other components.

Parking Telecom is your parking technology partner because our all-in-one system includes a centralized, complete Parking Management Solution. It consists of industry-grade hardware and cloud-based software covering both on- and off-street parking management:


  • On-Street and Off-street Parking Solutions

Parking Telecom’s on-street solution is ideal for the city administration, while the off-street parking solution suits private parking owners. Those solutions help all parking operators to manage their resources far more efficiently.

Our complete parking system is innovative and cloud-based. It provides information in real-time, so it keeps parking operators informed about the current parking situation. That helps city administration to make important decisions about urban mobility and the optimization of parking zones usage. So, it is able to implement the right parking policies.

In addition, Parking Telecom’s on-street solution makes finding an empty parking space far easier, eliminates the continuous circling and reduces traffic congestion and air pollution in the cities.


  • Parking Mobile App and Marketplace

Parking Telecom’s mobile app makes the offering and finding a parking spot easier for both sides. Thanks to it, parking users can find the most suitable parking spot that is near to their final destination. This is possible because the app provides real-time information about all empty parking spaces available. Drivers can book their preferred parking spaces and pay for their parking stay in advance.

If you are a parking owner, you can publish your parking facility in our mobile app, so you can attract new visitors and customers. You will also have real-time data about your occupied spaces. In addition, you will be able to get online payments and reduce the number of POS stations at your car park.


Why choose us for your parking management technology partner?

If you choose Parking Telecom for your parking management technology partner, you will enjoy all the great improvements in your facility and increase revenue from it!

As mentioned above, our smart parking management solution combines a cloud-based platform and innovative high-quality hardware components. It is based on industry-leading standards, parking management practices and latest innovations in the field of smart mobility and smart parking. That is how our parking system meets the needs of your parking lot.

Some of the advantages and benefits of our all-in-one parking solution are:

  • Numerous registration and identification methods – from paper tickets to virtual parking cards, ALPR cameras (Automated License Plate Recognition), NFC (Near-field communication), DSRC (Dedicated short-range communications), RFID (Radio-frequency identification), etc.


  • Numerous payment channels – through Parking Telecom’s mobile app, through attended or unattended POS stations via bank card or cash and many other payment options.


  • Limitless pricing options – our complete parking management solution offers a flexible tariff module. You can also choose a dynamic pricing system for your parking facility.


  • Option for parking exchange – as a parking owner, you can rent out your parking spaces when they are not occupied. That way you will optimize the utilization of your parking facility, generate bigger income and help for the improvement of the existing parking infrastructure.


  • Real-time KPIs and statistics for all activities and operations


In conclusion:

It is not easy to find the right parking technology partner with the needed knowledge and experience. But we, at Parking Telecom, guarantee that you will appreciate the results after we implement our parking management technology for your parking lot.

Learn more about our on-street and off-street parking solution, our mobile app, parking marketplace and our smart parking solutions here.

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