One of the most important things for every parking operator is the efficient management of the parking lot. But parking managers meet a lot of challenges… Today we will talk about what is the biggest off-street parking management problem that parking operators usually face and what are the solutions:


#1 parking management problem: Managing a large flow of cars

Big off-street parking lots daily face the challenge to meet the increasing flow of incoming and outgoing cars. In other words, there are constantly entering, circling for a parking space and exiting vehicles.

If you run an office building with a private parking lot, you know that there are non-stop employees leaving and coming again. They are working on flexible modes – business meetings with partners and clients, part-time working in the office, etc. So, your off-street parking should be flexible too to not interfere with the normal mode of work of the employees.

If you run a shopping center parking lot, you know that often there are not enough empty parking spaces for your visitors… Sometimes they can be circling for a parking space for about 15-30 minutes. That, in turn, often leads to big congestion in the off-street parking lot itself.

That is why it is essential to use the best parking management system. You will be able to manage parking spaces and navigate your guests easily and efficiently all the time. Also, you will control your parking users’ access rights more effectively.



#2 parking management issue: Lost parking tickets and lost remote controls for access

One of the most often off-street parking management problems is the loss of parking tickets, access cards or other remote controls for access. It is a problem for both parking operators and parking users. That usually leads to slower car flow and long queues on the entry or exit.

How can you avoid it?

All your parking lot needs is dematerialization of the physical access components and implementing flexible access management system. Instead of using paper tickets and access badges, let your parking guests enter via automatic vehicle identification and a special mobile parking app. Thanks to our parking app, your parking users can book a parking space and pay in advance for their stay. Also, the ticketless parking solution will make the car flow faster and more convenient.



#3 parking management problem: Reliable data for parking occupancy and availability

Every parking manager knows that it is difficult to receive reliable information about the occupancy and availability of the parking lot.

How to get real-time data about the usage of your parking lot? What is the number of cars parked right now on your parking facility? How many empty spaces are there?

Very often parking operators do not use the full potential of their parking lots. Some parking spaces remain empty and they are turning into additional costs. The solution to this off-street parking management problem is the smart parking management system. It will provide you with real-time information about the actual parking occupancy and online-booked parking spaces. Also, it will help you understand how effective is your parking lot usage thanks to detailed reports and analytics.



#4 parking management problem: Full control on the parking lot

We are sure that there were many times when you have wanted to manage your parking lot from distance… But it was not possible, right?

Well, now it is fully possible! Thanks to a reliable parking management system you will have a completely full remote control of your parking facility. You will easily manage your parking lot, your parking users’ bookings, payments and access. Not only that but you will also have detailed real-time information 24/7. All that from distance only by a mobile phone or a computer.



But which parking management solution to choose?

Parking Telecom’s parking management system is cloud-based software. We understand the difficulties that parking managers usually face. So, our parking solution is developed by a team of professionals to help parking operators in solving every off-street parking management problem.

We, from Parking Telecom, offer a Complete Off-street Parking Solution that can be customized for the needs of your parking facility. It will provide fast car flow, easier ticketless access, real-time information and flexible control options. That will lead also to low maintenance and total costs. And your parking customers will enjoy a better parking experience!

So, if you are a parking owner and want to run your parking facility in a more effective way, learn more about our smart off-street parking system!


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