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Day after day parking management technology moves faster and faster. We all have heard at least once about the innovative parking solution, called ticketless parking system. But do you know how exactly does it work?

Before we start with today’s topic, we want to say that we know how it feels to lose your parking ticket… Not only that but to pay the maximum daily cost for a 30-minutes parking stay… It’s awful!

Now, imagine how you approach the parking entrance and the barrier opens automatically, so you don’t even have to stop. Perfect, right? And it is fully possible!

In today’s article, we will talk about the ticketless parking solutions, how do they work and what are the benefits. Let’s start!


What is ticketless parking system?

The ticketless parking system is an innovative parking management solution that works without physical paper tickets. Instead, it uses digital modules for access and payment. Thanks to this, ticketless parking reduces the need of hardware equipment. That way, it reduces some operating costs and solves the problem with lost tickets as well as improving traffic flow.

This smart parking solution identifies the LPN (license plate number) of the parking customer as they approach the entry. It is possible by an ALPR (ALPN / LPN) camera. That way, it opens the barrier automatically and the customer drives into an empty space. It is the same when the customer decides to exit – all they need is to pay for their stay before that. In addition, parking customers have many methods to pay their parking fees.

The ticketless parking system is convenient for all types of parking facilities, no matter if small or large.


Digital access modules for ticketless parking system:

The ticketless parking solution has digital modules. Thanks to them, it allows access to the parking facility and identifies each vehicle. Here are some of them:


  • ANPR camera

Ticketless parking systems work with ANPR cameras. They recognize the LPN of every vehicle. For new parking customers, the camera registers new LPNs and allows their access. For subscribed customers or customers booked and paid online, the ANPR system allows immediate access, because the LPN is previously registered.


  • Mobile parking app

Parking customers can book and pay for their parking stay in advance via a special mobile app. The mobile phone can be used as a remote control that opens the barrier. This is possible by generating digital tickets. When a customer wants to exit, they can pay online.


ticketless parking system - 1

ALPR technology: How an ALPR camera looks like


Benefits for customers:

  • Better customer experience and satisfaction

Parking customers really like the ticketless parking system as well as they do not have to stop the car next to the control device to get a ticket. That way, customers have minimal interaction with the parking management system. It is far more convenient!


  • Easy entry/exit

The ticketless parking system makes the entry/exit process easier than ever! By installing that type of parking solution, customers will enjoy convenient parking experience. Automatic barrier opens – no more lost time in waiting for getting or scanning a paper ticket.


  • Fast flow-through of cars

Thanks to the easy entry/exit process, vehicles do not need to stop when entering the parking facility. It means that cars move faster without the need to get or insert a ticket. The ticketless parking system is dynamic and works mostly with recognizing the LPN.


  • Online payments

This innovative parking management solution offers many modern methods for online payments. Customers can pay for their parking stay via a mobile app.

There still will be a pay station for the traditionalists. It will allow payment with coins, credit/debit cards, banknotes, etc.

In addition, parking customers can book and pay for their stay in advance.


  • Privacy

Another benefit for parking customers is that their privacy is secure. The ticketless parking system does not record any personal information. The only data collected are the license plate numbers, times of entry and exit and the collected parking fees. That is necessaire for the easier entry/exit ticketless process.


  • No need to press any button for a ticket

Regarding the current situation of COVID 19, we have to be extremely careful with surfaces touched by many people. A suitable example of such a surface is the button for getting a paper ticket in the supermarket parking facilities. Hundreds of people a day push it. That makes this surface a potential place where COVID 19 can linger on.  The ticketless parking system eliminates the risk of spreading the virus because you do not need to press any button.


ticketless parking system - 2

Parking customers can book and pay for their stay in advance

Benefits for parking operators:

  • Less costs and more revenue

The ticketless parking system reduces the equipment maintenance and the need of hardware such as control devices and barriers. That way, parking operators can save money from reduced investment costs. In addition, this solution eliminates the costs for paper tickets, replacing them with virtual ones.


  • Reduced on-site staff

This innovative parking management solution is autonomous. It works without or with less on-site stuff. Instead, it controls the access to the parking facility via different digital modules and cloud-based software. Also, the ticketless parking system can work 24/7, non-stop day and night.


  • Eco-friendly

Ticketless parking system is a great eco-friendly solution! It means no paper tickets. No spare parts, wastage, litter to collect. No ticket jams.


  • Remote parking control

One of the best advantages of the ticketless solution for parking operators is the option for remote control. You can easily manage your parking facility and your parking customers’ booking and payments. All that from distance only by a mobile or a computer.


ticketless parking system - 3

You can easily manage your parking facility remotely

Parking Telecom’s Ticketless Parking System

We, from Parking Telecom, offer a Complete Ticketless Parking System that can be customized for the needs of your parking facility. It will provide you low maintenance and total costs, shorter entry and exit lanes and modular components. Our solution can be locally designed and developed. In addition, your parking customers will be delighted by this smart parking management system.

So, if you are a parking owner and want to run your parking facility in more effective… Learn more about our smart ticketless parking system here!


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