AI-based smart parking solutions have become a crucial part of our daily lives. They are important and beneficial for both sides – parking managers and parking users. AI-based smart parking solutions use hardware and software to analyze parking vacancy. They help for efficient parking management and can transform and improve the whole parking industry.

In this article, the team of Parking Telecom will show you 4 applications of AI (artificial intelligence) in parking management. All of them improve the parking experience and parking lot efficiency:


Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) / Automatic Vehicle Identification

The ALPR system also is one of the AI-based smart parking solutions. It works via ALPR cameras and uses the optical character recognition technique. That way, it scans and reads vehicle plates and provides automatic access to the parking lot.

Benefits for parking managers: The ALPR parking system allows you to give the needed access to your parking occupants. You decide who can enter and when. The smart parking system will keep that data and make the whole process easier for controlling.

Benefits for parking users: This AI-based parking solution can easily identify a vehicle, granting automatic access, in order to eliminate the need of pressing a button, getting a parking ticket, etc. It uses a ticketless parking system. That makes the vehicle entry/exit flow faster and the parking experience – faster.



Real-time parking occupancy and availability

AI-based smart parking solutions include special IoT tools that can count the number of parked vehicles and empty parking spaces in a parking lot. It detects if there is a car presence in a parking space and sends the information to the management platform. The best part is that this AI-based solution collects and formats the information in real-time.

Benefits for parking managers: That real-time information about parking occupancy and availability can be observed or analyzed later. Every parking manager, parking analyst or decision-maker can optimize the current parking management strategy at any time!

Benefits for parking users: We all know that there are too many vehicles and not enough parking spaces. Thanks to the real-time data about parking occupancy and availability, parking users can easily find where to park their vehicle. That eliminates one of the biggest parking problems – circling for an empty parking space and city traffic.



Predictions and forecasts on the parking occupancy rate

AI-based smart parking solutions also include an algorithm that can automatically create predictions and forecasts on the parking situation and future parking occupancy rate. It allows automatic learning by analyzing past information.

Benefits for parking managers: This AI-based solution can predict future parking demand taking into account the time, the weather, the day of the week, peak hour timings, the current level of traffic and the behavior of the parking users.



Dynamic pricing

The dynamic pricing for parking lots is an AI-based system that calculates real-time parking pricing changes. These changes depend on peak/non-peak times and many other factors. That system includes special cloud-based software that analyses the parking occupancy, availability and frequency of use. This way, the dynamic pricing solution predicts consumer demand, congestion, etc.

Benefits for parking managers and parking users: By modifying parking pricing automatically, parking managers can navigate parking users to vacant parking spots based on that real-time information. It is time-saving and far more convenient for both sides. In addition, it makes parking management more effective and reduce congestion.



Parking Telecom’s AI-based smart parking solutions:

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has a big impact on parking management in our digital age. The AI-based parking management solutions help for better parking experience, parking spaces control, convenience, flow speed and city traffic.

Parking Telecom’s AI-based parking solutions and systems are created to solve every parking management problem! We understand the difficulties that parking managers usually face and know how to solve them.

We, from Parking Telecom, offer all-in-one On-street and Off-street AI-based smart parking solutions. They all can be customized for your needs. So, if you are a parking manager and want to run your parking facility in a more effective way, learn more about our smart parking solutions here!


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