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You are wondering what the advantages of parking management system are and why you need such a parking solution?

Well, parking management systems are an essential part of the whole parking process for both parking operators and parking users. Parking management without a parking management system is difficult and even impossible nowadays.

With an advanced parking management system, you will enjoy your parking facility and you will notice great results. Read our blog article to learn why you should invest in a smart parking solution! Check the advantages of parking management system:


Better ROI via advanced technology

If you want to achieve a better ROI (return on investment) for your parking facility… Parking Telecom’s parking management system is one of the most significant factors and best solutions.

One of the advantages of parking management system is that it helps in reducing the traditional and long-term costs by using advanced technology. That way, you will achieve a profitable outcome and better ROI for a short time.


Easy implementation and management

Another of the advantages of parking management system is that it can easily be designed, installed, implemented, used and managed.

We, from Parking Telecom, know that changing the old traditional methods with installing smart parking management system for the first time sounds difficult.

That is why our parking management system is created to require minimal training for the employees. It has a well-organized structure and can be easily operated by everybody of your parking management staff members. Not only our parking management system is comfortable, but it will improve the whole parking lot management process.


It can be customized to meet your parking facility needs

Parking Telecom’s parking management system can be adapted depending on the type of parking area, the estimated traffic and your budget. Our team can customize the smart system based on the needs and requirements of your parking facility.

For example, parking areas near buildings where people live have limited vehicle flow. Whereas, public areas as hospitals, universities, supermarkets, shopping centers and others have a bigger flow of entering or leaving vehicles. So, we help you to choose the perfect parking management system according to the type of parking facility you manage.


Cost-effective solution

Another of the advantages of parking management system is that it is a cost-effective technology. Thanks to it, you will be able to decrease your parking management costs and manage far more effectively your parking areas.

Also, you will need less staff and manpower, because the system works automatically. That means that you will save a lot of money from manual labor, resource exhaustion and energy.


Better parking experience

The optimized parking lot means happier customers! With our parking management system, you will integrate a revolutionary parking user experience. Parking users will be able easily to find empty parking spots, saving time and fuel. They will have a lot of payment options to choose from. Parking users will not wait on queues entering or leaving the parking spot, because the system will be ticketless and will work with Automatic Vehicle identification.


Reduced traffic and pollution

Vehicles that are circling looking for an open parking space cause most of the city traffic. In addition, very driving around burns a lot of fuel and emissions daily.

Our parking management system can significantly reduce city traffic, driving time and air pollution. An optimal parking solution will help for lowering the amount of vehicle emissions and reducing the carbon footprint.


Increased Safety and Security

Also, important advantages of parking management system are the increased safety and security. Those aspects of parking are essential. We all know that car thefts are a serious problem in many parking areas.

Thanks to our parking management system, you will be able to prevent parking violations and suspicious activity in your parking facility. This is possible thanks to ALPR / ALPN cameras (license plate recognition cameras) and many other modules.


In conclusion:

The implementation of the right parking management system is a great investment. It will save costs, time and energy. In addition, our parking management system guarantees that your parking facility will work far more efficiently.

We, from Parking Telecom, offer complete on-street and off-street parking management systems and solutions. They all can be customized for the needs of your parking area. Learn more about the advantages of parking management system and check our solutions here.

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