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Vehicles are becoming more and more intelligent, so city infrastructure, mobility and parking management need to be smarter than ever. In today’s article, we will talk about V2X technology, V2X communication components, the main purpose of V2X and what are its advantages regarding smart mobility and smart parking in cities.


What is V2X technology?

V2X technology means vehicle-to-everything communication. This process connects a vehicle to every near moving object and gives both-sided information if they may affect each other. The main aim of V2X technology is to reduce traffic accidents and to provide road safety, better traffic efficiency and energy savings.

There are two types of vehicle-to-everything communication technology – WLAN-based and cellular-based. The WLAN-based V2X system connects vehicles and infrastructure through a wireless network (wi-fi). This technology refers to DSRC (Dedicated Short-range Communication).

The cellular-based V2X technology is also known as C-V2X technology. It provides direct communication between vehicles and objects via mobile network (cellular network).


Components of V2X technology:

V2X system incorporates other specific types of vehicle communication as V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure), V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle), V2P (vehicle-to-pedestrian), V2D (vehicle-to-device), V2N (vehicle-to-network) and V2G (vehicle-to-grid).

The most important components of the V2X system to us are V2V and V2I. Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technology allows vehicles to communicate with each other. Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technology allows the connection between vehicles, environment and external traffic systems such as street lights, roads, buildings and even pedestrians or cyclists.


The main role of V2X technology:

Vehicle-to-everything technology is created mostly to increase safety and prevent accidents. This is possible by sharing important data such as the speed or the position of a moving object. That way driver awareness is improved – drivers receive information about nearby accidents, road conditions, upcoming potential dangers or obstacles on the road and avoid them on-time.

The goal is an innovative smart city ecosystem to be created. Vehicles will communicate with other vehicles, with infrastructure such as parking spaces, traffic lights, etc.


What are the advantages of V2X technology for Smart Mobility?

  • Real-time map

Vehicle-to-everything system provides vehicles with real-time information for the whole city environment including infrastructure, other vehicles, transport management systems, navigational sources, etc.

It means that drivers will be notified about the position, speed and direction of other vehicles nearby… They will receive information about traffic accidents or approaching emergency vehicles. Drivers will be notified about vulnerable road users ahead (cyclists or pedestrians) or roadworks, etc.

In other words, we can say that V2X will create a real-time map for the vehicle’s immediate surroundings.


  • Smart Transportation Management System

V2X technology helps with improving transportation management efficiency and reducing congestion. It notifies drivers for upcoming traffic congestions and offers them alternative routes. It enables the communication between vehicles and traffic lights, road signs or other smart traffic systems. In addition, V2X communication ensures eco-friendly driving that leads to reducing fuel consumption and air pollution. As a result, there is better congestion control and traffic flows are normalized, especially in hot spots.

V2X also provides information for road accidents. If an accident happens, the V2V communication system will notify the approaching vehicles. That way, V2X improves the quality and efficiency of the overall Smart Mobility.


  • Smart Parking Management

V2X and especially vehicle-to-infrastructure system (V2I) have a big importance for Smart Parking Management in Smart Cities. Thanks to the V2X technology, vehicles and parking lots will be connected, so drivers will know which parking spaces are available. This smart solution makes parking occupancy tracking easier for parking lot owners and operators.

The top locations for smart parking management systems are city on-street parking stocks, railway stations, universities and off-street parking lots, part of airports and shopping centers for example.

Here are some of the benefits of V2X and V2I for smart parking management:

  • Better parking experience for parking users and parking operators
  • Real-time information about parking occupancy and availability
  • Automated vehicle identification and online payment for parking stay in order to reduce a vehicle’s idling.
  • Easier empty parking space finding and booking
  • Reducing the time of circling for a parking space
  • Monitoring air quality and congestion control
  • Improved parking enforcement


In conclusion:

There is no doubt that Vehicle-to-everything communication (V2X technology) is the future of Smart Mobility and Smart Parking. This innovative technology helps cities become smarter regarding the way they utilize and manage the infrastructure and the transportation system.

Smart parking management systems go hand in hand with autonomous vehicles. Really soon autonomous cars will park without human intervention.

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