PT Enforcement App

The Parking Telecom Enforcement Application receives information from the Parking Telecom Vehiclemounted Patroller about the license plate numbers of the vehicles parked in the area, acquired via ALPR.
This information is late matched with the database to check if the vehicle is eligible to park in the particular
parking zone. If the vehicle is not eligible to park a ticket is created and visualized on the mobile device.
Then a member of the enforcement staff can take the ticket for processing and issue an electronic fine or
administer a sanction on-site.
The application keeps track of all occurrences of violation, following the entire process, from registering
the violation, assigning it to a certain staff member to its ultimate resolution, be it a clamping, fine or the
vehicle leaving before a sanction is administered. There is statistical information on all cases and all staff
members, which helps make informed managerial decisions about the day-to-day operations.


Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR)
Registers violations
Keeps track of the hole process
Monitors staff members
Statistical data on violations

Copyright © Parking Telecom Labs. All rights reserved.
Copyright © Parking Telecom Labs. All rights reserved.