The Parking Telecom on-street parking solution

The Parking Telecom management system is an excellent tool for municipalities to improve the quality of life in their communities and manage their parking stock in an efficient way. The solution allows the operators and users to get accurate, real-time information on availability and pricing, gathered and communicated through a variety of online channels. It lets parkers pay and extend their stay without having to return to their vehicle. The extremely flexible pricing system in combination with accurate and significant statistical data allows the operators to observe the usage and parking habits of the drivers and to adjust policies according to them. Stimulating drivers to use parking spaces more or less, can resolve the imbalance which occurs between peak and off-peak hours. This leads to a better utilization of the available parking resources and reduce congestion.

Our solution gives correct live occupancy information, with single bay detection, by using high-performance, cost-effective sensors. The sensors are maintenance free, element resistant and can have a battery life of up to 10 years, when wireless. Thanks to their reliability, bringing a successful detection rate upward of 98%, communicated via a sensor-mesh-net-cloud, the sensors can be used to monitor much more than just occupancy. They can be used to monitor flow, collection rates, to monitor enforcement quality and efficiency and to improve those.

The Parking Telecom on-street parking solution, offers an array of payment methods. Using the Parking Telecom Mobile App, drivers can check the availability and pay for their parking stay, via their mobile phone, without the need of using cash or bank card terminals, facilitated by eCommerce payment protocols. This also gives them the option to extend their stay without having to return to their vehicles. Another possibility is to use on-street unattended payment terminals, accepting bank cards, in which cases parkers use non-app registration methods. There is the option for them to accept cash if necessary.

Another usage for our system is to make it part of enforcement procedures, using the Enforcement app. The system will identify whenever a parking space becomes occupied and will expect a payment to be made. If a payment is not received in due time, the app can notify enforcement officers and also be used to monitor their reaction time and the outcome of such cases. This in combination with our statistical software, can let municipalities monitor violator rates, types and frequency of violations and fine collection rates. All this information is to be used to optimize procedures and staff numbers, resulting in more cost-effective operations.