Parking as a Service

Parking is a complex and important service, which has long since become an integral part of everyday life. We understand that and aim to improve the experience for both parking users and owners. We are on the cutting edge of technology, industry standards and best management practices. We are already preparing for upcoming game-changers like Autonomous Vehicles and Connected Vehicles Systems.

The Parking Telecom platform

A full scope, seamless, end-to-end parking solution, combining parkers, hardware, management software and cloud services in one.

System functionality

A complex system covering all and any needs and requirements of a parking facility. Set-up, management, revenue, statistics and more.

On-street parking

Manage on-street parking resources. Be informed and implement adequate parking polices.

Off-street parking

Fully functional, state-of-the-art Parking Access Control & Revenue Management System (PACRMS).

Parking exchange

Let parking space owners rent-out their spaces, optimizing usage of existing parking infrastructure and generating revenue.

Numerous registration methods

Register parkers using a wide range of identification methods. Use tickets, virtual Parking Card, RFID, Bluetooth, ALPR, NFC, DSRC for full versatility.

Limitless pricing options

Use our extremely flexible tariff module, allowing to set and implement virtually any pricing policy, regardless of its complexity.

Wide array of payment channels

Receive payments through mobile app, attended or unattended POS stations - both with bank card or in cash. Pay@Exit as an option.

Real-time information and reports

Get KPIs in real time from anywhere. Extract reports and statistical data on flow, occupancy, throughput, payments and many more.

Parkers are ever looking for a way to improve their parking experience. All and any improvements are welcome, but problems with parking are much more than just an inconvenience. People are losing more and more time looking for parking, which wastes time and increases pollution. Very often, cars circling around to find a parking spot, are causing a considerable portion of the traffic on the streets, increasing congestion and reducing the quality of life for everyone in the community.

Parking owners and operators can greatly benefit from the Parking Telecom management solution. It combines excellent hardware, a cloud-based computerized management system and a global parking marketplace. The system offers great flexibility, versatility and easy management. Use an array of registration and identification methods, different payment channels, amazingly flexible pricing system as well as all the necessary statistical tools, to analyze usage.

Parking is an increasing problem in any urban environment. Statistics show that the population is getting increasingly urban, which means that the problems will not go away. A part of the problem and the solution is the efficiency in utilizing the available parking infrastructure. Our goal is to connect the dots – the parkers, the infrastructure, the parking operators. We put them all together in a cloud based solution, where management is easy and results are improving, both in terms of revenue and efficiency.

Versatile, Reliable and Easy to Use

The Parking Telecom Mobile App

Through the Parking Telecom Mobile App customers will find your facility and will book and pay for their stay in advance. Apart from bringing new visitors, the Parking Telecom Mobile App also lets you know your customers, their habits and needs. Get payments for bookings and reduce the number of POS stations at your facility by allowing customers to pay through mobile, using the eCommerce payment channel. Put your facility on a global online parking marketplace.

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On-street Parking

This is the Parking Telecom on-street parking solution. Read more about its advantages here.

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Off-street Parking

This is the Parking Telecom off-street parking solution. Read more about its advantages here.

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Parking Exchange

Parking exchange is a method of sharing parking spaces that improves quality of life and reduces pollution and congestion.

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