Introducing the Parking Telecom App

Everything that you will ever need when it comes to parking is here.

Find parking. Check availability and pricing in real-time, for both on and off-street parking.
You can book your stay and make sure a space is available when you arrive.
The Parking Telecom App handles, manages and keeps track of all your payments.
Enjoy the seamless parking experience, provided by Parking Telecom!

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This is the Parking Telecom App – everything for your parking needs. Register and take advantage of the full scope parking solution offered by Parking Telecom. Find parking facilities, check availability and pricing in real-time, book and pay for parking – all from your mobile phone. Huge amount of parking options at your disposal, just a few taps away.

Personal And Business Needs Alike

The Parking Telecom App is great for both personal and business use. Create your own personal profile. Add and manage your vehicles. Add your payment details for quick and easy payments. Enter your business information, in order to get receipts. Integration with leading expense management software. The App handles vehicle fleets just as well as individual ones. Switch between the personal and business profile with just one tap.

Find, book, pay

Find the facility that is most convenient to you. Use the interactive map view where all parking facilities are marked, as well as color coded for occupancy. Check on availability and see all restrictions and amenities available at any facility. Check and compare prices in order to pick the best one. Save time and conserve fuel by driving directly to the chosen facility where a parking space is booked for you.

You Own Parking Card

Use the unique Parking Telecom Parking Card, which turns your mobile phone into an access ticket and payment channel for all facilities, anywhere in the world, both on-street and off-street, that use our system. This unique identification method allows for an accurate stay calculation and manages your payments without the hassle of paper tickets, paying at cash desks or looking for access cards. All you have to do is use your phone to access a facility and the system will automatically process you, calculate your stay, make the payment and can also extend your stay, if necessary.

Book Your Stay

Ever wondered a space will be available when you reach the parking facility? Well, wonder no more with the Parking Telecom App booking service. By booking in advance you can make sure there always is a parking space available just for you. Book your stay, check pricing, pay and never waste time looking for parking. Access the facility using your Parking Telecom virtual parking card. Your booking guarantees that a parking space will be available for you during the booked time.

Handles all your payments

The Parking Telecom App handles your payments too. Just add your payment details once and make each payment with just a tap. Making all your payments is easy and secure. No need to look for change to pay for your parking, no need to look for a cash desk or pay station. No need to go back to your vehicle to extend parking All this is available in your mobile phone, for your convenience.

Keeps Track

The Parking Telecom App keeps a record of all your transactions. Review all your parking instances and open bookings. Check when and where you parked and how much did it cost. Running a business? Monitor your vehicle fleet’s parking usage; control and optimize cost; save valuable time to optimize operations.

Download the app and start parking mobile today

Parking Telecom App provides 360 degrees user experience. Realtime information, booking, payment and navigation. Numerous registration methods. PT Parking Card gives you ticketless access to Parking Telecom’s global network.